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How I can help


I offer brief and long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy for adults and adolescents. Depending on your needs and expectations, I can offer both short-term and long-term therapy once or twice a week. My work is overseen by experienced and accredited supervisors.

I offer safe and empathetic space while trying to understand the nature of your difficulties during confidential sessions. I am aware of how much courage it takes to work through one's difficulties, and how every person has a unique life experience. Drawing from acquired knowledge and experience I will help you to make sense of your feelings, relationships and experiences and work through your problems.

Therapy is a safe space where some issues and concerns may be shared for the first time. All contact throughout the therapy remains confidential, including the fact that you are in therapy.

Some of the issues that I can help you to work through:

DEPRESSION - low mood, sadness, melancholy, seasonal mood depression, insomnia

ANXIETY - panic attacks, irrational fear, restlessness, excessive worrying, health anxiety

DISSATISFACTION - low self-esteem and confidence, lack of sense in life, unfulfillment

BEREAVEMENT - loss of a loved one, separation with partner

TRAUMA & ABUSE - emotional, sexual, physical

LOW SELF-ESTEEM - lack of confidence at work and in relationships

RELATIONSHIPS - conflicts with partners, loneliness, difficulties in open communication

PERSONALITY DISORDER - fear of abandonment, unstable relationships, impulsive behaviours

AGRESSION - difficulties in controlling anger

STRESS - poor concentration, inability to make decisions, mood swings, nervous behaviour

EATING DISORDERS - bulimia, overeating, anorexia, orthorexia

ADDICTIONS - alcohol, drugs, shopping, gym

WORK MOBBING - intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, isolation, unfounded accusations

OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER - intrusive thoughts, excessive checking and doubting

To book an initial consultation please give me a call on +33 (0)6 43 45 42 64 or send me an email at surowka.psychotherapy@gmail.com